EditingBoss Wikia Edit

Are you new? If you are, welcome go EditingBoss. 

​We welcome everyone, from wikia contributors to people who got banned on different wikias. 

Just so you know why I created EditingBoss, I will tell you why.. Being a Admin is fun, eh? I make people either Chat Mods, or Admins. Just giving you a taste of extra buttons, allowing you to do various of things, although you do not notice it. 

  • We allow swearing, but not too much please. These are words you can say; damn, shit, ass, piss, damnit etc. 
  • No, this is not a sserious wikia and topics go off to mid air. Feel free to make a page informing about your clan/pack/tribe or about yourself we encourage that! Blogs? Ahem, no blogs please, unless you are like telling about your day and life. 
  • This is basically a wikia where roleplayers goof around. 
  • Vandalizing pages are prohibited and if you are logged in a contributor, I can get your IP and block you a year. 
​​[[1]] - my current clan on AnimalJam, if you are interested!